Founded in 2006, for its first 8 years until 2014, SK Wood Manufacture from Ukraine/Poland mainly produced home cleaning products – brooms, brushes, and mops.
In 2014, the company decided to go in a different direction, and since then has been concentrating on exquisite, handmade, high-quality wooden products for the home, which are ready for your firm’s branding and logo. Although currently specializing in cutting boards, cheese plates, and pizza plates, the company’s range also includes clothes hangers, knife blocks and furniture, such as chairs, tables, and beds.
E-KOLO Inc is exclusive representer of the company in North America market.



The FireSource Pyramid is an easy, clean, safe and 100% natural way to start a roaring fire going in your indoor or outdoor fireplace in no time. No more need for a newspaper, dangerous petroleum products or volatile lighter fluid! FireSource will burn for six minutes at over 1100F, the temperature you need to start a great fire. FireSource can even be used to light your camping fuel and leave no residue behind on your grill or fireplace.